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Valedictorian in Undergrad

Awarded University Research Grant by University of Cincinnati/Ohio State 

Chosen as an Albert G Ryan Fellow (highest award for research in the US)

Awarded American Heart Association Pre-Doctoral Grant ($52,000)

Awarded PhD in 

"Quantitative Analysis in Epilepsy"

Received the ‘Best poster presentation award’ three times (2012, 2013, 2014), at the annual graduate student poster forum 

Awarded Rising Stars in Financial Innovation (under 40) by LIMRA (from over 180 countries)

Selected as a Fellow to the Data Incubator (selection rate <5%)

Awarded Pre-Doctoral grant by the American Epilepsy Society ($100,000)

Youngest Winner of Award for Outstanding Contribution  at John Hancock 

Nominated for Boston's Young Guns

by Boston Biz

Awarded Exceptional Contribution to Sciences Award by Dean of University of Cincinnati

Media Mentions
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